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Creating a C4C Coach Training Program

Today's corporations have realized the need for competent coaches. Coaches who are versed not just in basic coaching principles but also in guiding their clients through a complete competency development process so they can be the successful, high profile employees they are meant to be. 

Based on the best selling books, Coaching for CompetenceTM and Becoming the Competent CoachTM by Dr. Michael Commini, this course provides the astute corporate training professional with the tools to create an effective, competency-based coach training program to develop the next generation of coaches. 

Using the principles of competency-based development, learners are guided through the process of using the employee's own individual development plan (IDP) while networking with the company's subject matter experts (SMEs) to help the employee build a strong competency map to be followed during the coaching process.

The course also guides learners through the principles of traditional business coaching. Not only will they learn how to develop effective competency maps, and how to apply them to the coaching process, they will also: 

  • Examine the principles of adult learning theory and how they can be harnessed to create effective training programs
  • Explore how to use gamification and serious learning to keep their own learners engaged throughout the training process
  • Explore how Virtual and Augmented Realities may be utilized in the coaching process
  • Learn how to quickly build rapport with their clients
  • Discover how to ask "deep questions" - questions that funnel down guiding clients through the self-discovery phase
  • Develop the ability to become active listeners
  • Apply goal setting techniques that can be used to encourage their clients to remain engaged in their development
  • Apply time management skills that will keep their clients on task and on schedule
  • Explore principles of being firm but fair
  • Develop the ability to re-focus their clients when they lose their way

Additionally, through a series of practical exercises learners are given the opportunity to develop their own coaching skills so that by the end of the course they have earned the title, Certified Coaching for CompetenceTM Coach Trainer and will be competent in the skills needed to deliver this innovative, highly sought after coach training program.

Only $7,500.00 per license.

Becoming the Competent CoachCoaching for CompetenceBased on the books, Coaching for CompetenceTM and Becoming the Competent Coach, by Dr. Michael Commini, this certification course guides learners through the process of becoming competent coaches who can then apply the principles of competency-based development to guide clients into work-life balance to become the high performing, competent employees they are meant to be.

Learners will explore:

  • The concepts of competency-based development and how to apply them to enhance a traditional coaching program
  • How to encourage the company's subject matter experts to lend their expertise in the creation of an effective competency-based development map for use in the client's professional development
  • How to quickly build rapport with the client
  • The importance of a two-way trust relationship between coach and client
  • The ethical nature of confidentiality and who has access to the client's file
  • The importance of goal setting and positive reinforcement to keep the client engaged
  • How to encourage the client to manage time effectively
  • Guiding the client through the process of creating an effective, attainable Action Plan
  • Keeping the client accountable

Through a series of practical exercises, learners will build the skills and experience necessary to be effective coaches able to apply the principles of Coaching for CompetenceTM in a timely, effective manner designed to guide their clients to become the high-potential employees they are meant to be!

Only $2,995.00 per license.

Knowledge Management (KM) has been defined as the efficient use of data and information from within an organization. In reality, it goes much further. At its core level, KM is knowing how to put an enterprise's information and data together in such a way that it has meaning. 

Strategy is defined as a plan of action which leads to an end goal.

A Knowledge Management Strategist (KMS) is a person skilled in developing a plan of action which allows an organization to identify, gather, capture, store, and process the data and information generated by every member of the enterprise into knowledge it can use to meet its mission, its vision, its goals. The KMS coaches and mentors key members of the corporate knowledge transfer team, guiding them through the entire KM process from performing needs and gaps analyses to gathering, capturing, storing, processing, and redistributing knowledge throughout the enterprise. 

This course allows learners to develop the knowledge and skills necessary to confidently guide an organization through the design, development, and implementation of a corporate-wide KM strategy. Successful conclusion of this course awards the learner with the coveted Certified Knowledge Management Strategist certification, indicating to senior management the holder is capable of leading the organization's KM process.

Only $1500.00 per license.

Lean Six Sigma is a managerial quality and control process designed to eliminate eight kinds of waste: Defects, Overproduction, Waiting, Non-Utilized Talent, Transportation, Inventory, Motion, Extra-Processing. Known in the industry by the mnemonic, DOWNTIME,  the elimination of these wastes allows an organization to streamline the delivery of its services and goods while simultaneously increasing quality to a mere 3.4 defects per million opportunities (DPMO).

The Lean Six Sigma (LSS) Green Belt is a business professional knowledgeable in the use of Lean Six Sigma methodology and capable of both leading or supporting enterprise level improvement projects.

This course provides learners with the knowledge and skills necessary to confidently navigate the LSS process, use the standard LSS tools, interpret the results received from the use of those tools, and apply the principles of Lean. The successful conclusion of this course awards learners with the coveted Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification, indicating to senior management that the holder is one who is capable of saving the organization time, money, and resources.

Only $5500.00 per license.

Learning and Development is key to the growth of any organization. Having a strong learning and development program in place depends upon having the right individuals in place too. This course teaches the skills necessary to confidently represent your organization as a Learning and Development Professional

By the end of the course you will be able to 

  • Perform Gap Analyses to determine knowledge gaps
  • Assist your Chief Learning Officer (CLO) in the implementation of critical training programs to close the identified gaps
  • Identify the major theories of Adult Learning and assist your CLO in choosing which theory or theories will best meet your organization's training needs
  • Coach and mentor your organization's Training and Development (T&D) staff
  • Make a positive impact on the professional development of all of your organization's employees!

Only $3500.00 per license.